Becker’s Hospital Review Article

beckersAs the nation continues to go through massive changes in health care, I’ve been carrying around some building thoughts and concerns about the the industry I am actively involved with  — the medical device sector — and finally I decided to do something about it and wrote an article focusing on the need for and benefits of fundamental industry disruption in the way things are done in the medical device sector.  I was pleased when one of my favorite industry publications, Becker’s Hospital Review, ran that article yesterday.
The article details many of the trends that are driving the medical device industry and reinforces the need for all involved – manufacturers, providers, payers and intermediaries — to be proactive in addressing the issues we are facing and together we can.  The gist of the article is that here are tremendous changes on the horizon for the medical device industry, from cost increases and usage growth to quality demands and results-based care measurement.  And while the system doesn’t need to be entirely ripped apart, it certainly could use some disruption to make room for and directly address rapidly changing dynamics.
To read the article in Becker’s Hospital Review, click here.