Consumer Reports Publishes Hospital Rating Systems for Patients





In August, Consumer Reports announced the launch of its Hospital Rating Systems for Patients, a new platform that empowers patients by sharing information on the performance of 4,000 hospitals across the U.S. against important care measures, such as readmissions, infection rates, medical complications and adverse events. Increasingly patients will turn to resources such as Consumer Reports for guidance on making important decisions about who to entrust their healthcare.

Being able to capture, track and analyze data in the healthcare industry is a growing area of opportunity to improve medical outcomes, reduce costs, and increase patient satisfaction, goals of all healthcare providers, payers and patients.

At Access MediQuip, we’ve been at the forefront of this effort for some time now. Our Patient and Device Registry Program, the first and only level 3 Implant Registry in the country, is an example of how powerful quality measures and data analytics can be in improving quality of care and reducing costs.

Earlier this month, URAC, a national accreditation leader, awarded its bronze award for best practices in Healthcare Consumer Engagement and Protection to our company. This prestigious award recognizes our longstanding commitment and continuous efforts towards improving surgical outcomes, which we accomplish through delivering critical information on implantable devices and collaborating with payers and providers to coordinate optimal care for patients.

As CEO of Access Mediquip, I’m honored that our team has been recognized for their efforts on behalf of patients, whose care and well-being we put first.