Brian Williams Undergoes Knee Replacement Surgery

English: Brian Williams at the 2011 Time 100 gala. (Photo credit: Wikipedia


Recently, NBC News didn’t just report on the advancements in knee replacement surgery. The face of their nightly broadcast, Brian Williams actually underwent the surgery. Suffering from a nagging injury he got playing football in high school, Williams finally got the knee replaced. And, as you may have guessed, NBC reported on it.

“Every surgeon always said to me ‘you’ll know,’”said Williams. “I was hung up on taking out original equipment and putting in replacement parts.”

But, the replacement parts are now better than ever.  What once was expected to last only 10 to 15 years at best, can now exceed 20 or 25 years, even 30 years!  This improvement of care in implantable medical devices is driving up quality of life for countless individuals throughout the nation.  Not only am I excited for what these prospects mean for Access MediQuip and how we contribute to the surgical implant process, but I’m also one of the many Americans who lives with a bad knee and was told I’d need a knee replacement at some point.  Advancements in the implantable medical device sector mean that replacement parts are getting on an equal footing with the original parts.

I applaud Brian Williams for going public with his implantable device experience — it helps to put a face on what can feel daunting to patients in need of life-changing relief.